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Brian C Jensen Explains Why Physical Exercise Can Keep You Healthy During Covid-19 Pandemic

Brian C Jensen

When you are in quarantine, the health issues that you are likely to confront become more crucial. Than ever because we are passing through the most difficult times caused by the coronavirus pandemic. The time is especially bad for older adults, 65 or older. And those who have low immunity or a compromised immune system due to chronic diseases like heart and lung disease, kidney disease, and diabetes.

The new lifestyle that we all have to adapt to due to the forced quarantine might keep us safe from the coronavirus to a large extent. At the same time, it can take a toll on our physical and primarily mental health. If we are unable to adapt to the change quickly, says Brian C Jensen.   While you must adjust your mind and learn to live with the new ways of life. You must also take care of your physical health by focusing on physical activity and diet. Aligning your new lifestyle with healthy habits that revolve around physical activity ensures how healthy you remain.

Simple steps to keep fit by Brian C Jensen

As you stay indoors round the clock, you should find enough time to engage. In some physical activity by considering the environment and place where you live. For example, you can walk a few kilometers within your home by taking multiple rounds. Across the living space without violating the conditions of quarantine. And here are the benefits that you can expect.

Immune support

People with better immunity can cope better with COVID-19 disease, and regular exercise or physical activity helps to improve immunity. Regular exercise will build a stronger immune system and help to combat the coronavirus better.

Stress and anxiety relief

The pandemic has thrown such unprecedented challenges on our lives. Besides infecting people, causing too much stress that can affect physical and mental health.  The biggest threat is that stress can lower the immune response. Exercising releases chemicals in your brain that help to keep stress under control. You will feel rejuvenated after exercising. The mind will also be lighter because of the release of chemicals. Like endorphins and serotonin that are mood elevators and improve your mood. While reducing the risk of depression and delaying the onset of dementia.

Control blood pressure

Regular physical activity is good for heart health because it maintains. The right level of blood pressure and controls cholesterol build up. High blood pressure not only damages your cardiovascular system. That can lead to stroke and heart disease but also develop type-2 diabetes. Regular physical activity can address all these issues and keep them under control.

Weight management

 This is when you must avoid all other health risks so that you stay healthy to cope with the coronavirus. Combining a balanced and healthy diet with physical exercise will help prevent developing unwanted fat. And keep the body weight under control. Excessive body weight leads to various health problems, and obesity is a killer because it multiplies health risks. Which can be especially bad during the pandemic.  

Stay indoors but stay healthy and happy to cope better with the effects of the pandemic.

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