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Brian C Jensen : Staying fit during COVID-19

Brian C Jensen

The occurrence of coronavirus has disrupted the ordinary lives of people everywhere. While everyone is at risk, obese Americans need to be more heedful. Studies show that 4 out of 10 US adults are suffering from obesity, and of them, 60% population has a medical condition, making them more vulnerable to COVID-19’s severe consequences. If someone has a chronic ailment, their risk of dying from the virus can be 12 times higher. That’s why it is necessary to prioritize your health and wellness even during the pandemic time.

Healthcare professionals have been guiding people about the risks of obesity for many decades. Most of them didn’t pay much attention to this earlier. Even if there was a transformation in thinking, they saw it as an opportunity to flaunt their beach body. The thought about defending themselves from life-threatening diseases still didn’t gain dominance. However, the views have started changing ever since COVID-19 began to wreak havoc. Now, everyone realizes that life depends on good health.

The importance of exercising and ways to help each other by Brian C Jensen

Why exercise?

You may know that exercising is crucial for good health. However, you may not be aware of its significance in a real sense. It improves blood circulation in the body, which allows immune cells to flow at a high rate. When you do it diligently, your immune response becomes better, reflecting a sizable impact on your health. A  reputable health journal also shows that those who did aerobics five times a week witnessed massive improvement in their respiratory tract infection by 40% in 12 weeks. 

Brian C Jensen says you can find relief from fat and inflammation if you are active. The risk of chronic conditions of heart illness and hypertension can remain at bay, and infections can also be avoidable.

After learning about the effect of the virus on chronically ill patients, people realize that fitness is not just about having a great body but more about a strong immunity to stay safe from health issues. While everyone is waking up to this reality, the fitness industry has stepped up to help you achieve your goals.

How to exercise?

Lockdowns and social distancing may have forced gyms and health studios to shut their doors for some time. Now, they offer outdoor and online classes to allow you and everyone else to lead an active life. However, there is also a need for exercise science professionals to come to the fore with them.  

Brian C Jensen says these people make comprehensive programs for individuals after accounting for their health, background, age, and other details that contribute to their fitness regime. Suppose someone has high blood pressure. They understand they need to do plenty of exercises, but they don’t know the way ahead. The exercise science experts help them meet their goals by simplifying their fitness routine. For example, they can ask you to take a morning walk every morning for a short time. From there, they can guide you to other smaller activities, cultivating a sustainable habit that eventually leads to high-intensity

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