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How to maintain your poise during COVID-19 and ensure your wellbeing? Advice from Brian C Jensen

Brian C Jensen

The COVID-19 crisis has brought about drastic changes in our lifestyle that can adversely affect our wellbeing. During this challenging period, it is especially important to protect your mental health, says Brian C Jensen. It will help you support others. Especially your family members and friends, and fulfill your role according to your employer’s expectations. Although it is never easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle amid a crisis. That we are passing through, there are ways to practice some healthy living habits. That can give you the courage to cope with the unprecedented personal and professional challenges. You can do many things during this time to support and manage your wellbeing.

First, take care of your body, says Brian C Jensen

Ensure a balanced diet to maintain nutrition and health; minimize the chances of falling sick, and keep stress under control. Drink plenty of liquid to keep the body hydrated. Especially with water, herbal tea, natural fruit juice, but avoid drinks. That contain caffeine and alcohol, which can only increase stress and disturb sleep patterns.  Have sufficient rest during the day and sound sleep at night.

Engage in physical activity

Do some physical activity every day. Even if you cannot do the usual exercises. That you might be doing earlier, be imaginative, and do exercises that suit the space and your environment. Think about exercises that you can do with minimum resources, and you can benefit from online resources.

Stay away from unhelpful coping strategies

Never try to find easy solutions for stress by taking to alcohol, smoking, or other recreational drugs. It will do more harm than good to your mental and physical health if you get used to it.

Deal with information overload

The abundance of information flowing from all quarters like news channels, social media, and the grapevine creates enormous problems. Because of the overload compounded by the circulation of fake news. Rumors and misinformation cause too much stress and anxiety, which leads to mental distress that affects physical health. Manage your consumption of information and news by seeking updates and guidance. From authentic sources and at times of the day by referring to health professionals. The WHO website, and your national health authority.

Stay connected with improved communication

Proper communication is critical when interacting within your social and professional circles. It lets you open with your friends and colleagues as well as managers with whom you can express your needs. Maintain your social networks to stay connected, and to protect your maintain health, reach out to people whom you can trust. It will reduce boredom and loneliness when you are maintaining physical distancing.

Remain visible

Connect with your managers and colleagues regularly at some fixed time so that you can update. Others about your current work status and progress. And even come to know how others are coping with the difficult times.

The more you stay in touch with people who matter to you, the more confident you will be about staying positive during the crisis. And navigate the troubled times to reach safe shores.

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